Tuning Your Car

Because of the advanced datalogging and analysis features of the ECU+ engine management system, tuning your car with the ECU+ is a little different than some other devices. Rather than forking out $80 an hour for AWD dyno time at your local shop, or relying on the (patented) performance butt-o-meter, the ECU+ lets you easily and reliably tune your car with just a laptop, an open stretch of road, and a friend. Here's how:

When you're all done, take your captures home and take a look at them some more. You may find other spots that could be tweaked. With the ECU+, you can slowly but surely iterate over various fuel and timing values to achieve optimal performance from your vehicle.

With the ECU+, you can actually measure whether your fuel and timing changes are making a difference, all without paying for dyno time. Most ECU+ customers report 20-50 HP improvements with some time on an open road.