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December 21th, 2011

A brand new release, just in time for Christmas, it's the ECU+ firmware and software, v2.16. Some minor updates here that are well worth the download.

See this forum post for more details on what's new, and download it right here.

Because my to-do list is empty, and there's not a lot of activity or feature requests on the forums, this might be the last ECU+ release (sniff, sniff). Thanks to all who've supported the ECU+ over the years!

November 12th, 2009

Two years in the making, a new version of the ECU+ firmware and software is now available. Lots of new things in this release, including boost control, gear-based tuning, custom logging and tons of user interface tweaks.

See this forum post for more details on what's new, and download it right here.

This release is, as always, free to existing ECU+ customers.

April 3rd, 2008

Effective today, the ECU+ will no longer be available at retail. That is, you'll no longer be able to buy a new ECU+ (though of course they'll still be available on the used market.) The ECU+ will still be developed and supported, though, so existing ECU+ customers won't be left out in the cold.

See this forum post for more details.

October 12nd, 2007

After many months of development, I have a new version of the ECU+ software and firmware for the silver box ECU+'s. This release, which is version 2.10, contains over 30 new features and additions, pretty much all of them due to customer feedback. A list of what's new is posted in the forums here:

New features in the upcoming ECU+ firmware/software v2.10

The only notable "subtraction" in this release is the Palm software, which was temporarily sacrificed at the new features altar. The Palm software will be back soon.

Thanks to lots of people for helping with this release, either through testing or offering suggestions. Without the help of the ECU+ community, the system wouldn't be nearly as good as it is.

The new software and firmware is downloadable (for free of course) from the silver box downloads page. Please read and follow the upgrade documentation before installing, as there are a few gotchas in updating from previous versions. New ECU+'s will include this new firmware and software.

Finally, I've gone through and updated the entire ECU+ web site to reflect all of the new features and additions to the product. If anyone sees anything funny, please report it with an e-mail to bugs@ecuplus.com.

March 22nd, 2007

One quick piece of ECU+ news: for a really limited time, the ECU+ is on sale for a crazy low price. If you've been holding off on buying one, now is definitely the time. Check out the details on our sale page and get an ECU+ for the lowest price in ECU+ history.

December 12th, 2006

After months and months of development, I now have new firmware available for the silver box ECU+'s. This is version 2.05, and the big news is that the irritating P0300 code problem on the EVOs is finally under control - gone for everyone who's tried this new firmware version. In addition to the P0300 fix, you should also see faster starting and smoother idle across the board. This is a recommended update for all ECU+ users. To get it, simply send an e-mail to support@ecuplus.com, and include your silver box serial number. A special thanks to Adam Fuhs, who has helped me debug this fix for years now!

To go with this firmware update, I've also released a new version of the ECU+ software. This is available on the download page. It's a bug fix release, with the following major fixes:

Included in the software is a minor update to the manual, with clarifications in places that folks found confusing.

With this irritating bug out of the way, I can now start back on adding features to the ECU+. Watch the forums for discussion of the new features. There will be a few beta test cycles, so if you're interested in trying out test releases with new features, you'll be able to.

July 14th, 2006

After a long period of seemingly-not-too-much-happenin' on the ECU+, I have some new stuff: