PnP version The ECU+ is offered in two different configurations - wire-it-yourself, and plug-n-play (PnP). If you're not good at electrical "stuff," or are just afraid to modify your stock ECU harness (for warranty or other reasons), pick the PnP unit (shown to the right). With the PnP unit, you simply unplug the four stock ECU connectors and plug them into the ECU+. Then take the ECU+'s outputs, and plug them into the stock ECU. Basic installation is literally a 10 minute job.

If you're decent at cutting and soldering wires and want to save some money (or have a 1G DSM or Galant VR-4 - PnP ECU+'s aren't available for those models), you should get the wire-it-yourself model. With the wire-it-yourself model, you solder the ECU+ wiring into the stock ECU harness. This takes an hour or two, but isn't inherently difficult. Simply follow these steps:

To see some examples of how to make these solder connections, check out the web site of MM XPress.