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New feature: AEM 5 bar and custom MAP sensor configuration

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New feature: AEM 5 bar and custom MAP sensor configuration

Postby tlcoll1 » Tue May 15, 2007 11:15 pm

This week's new ECU+ feature is the new map sensor configuration page. See screenshot below.

Two new functions were implemented here:

1. The AEM 5 bar MAP sensor is now supported out of the box.
2. You can define your own custom MAP sensor calibration.

The latter is for those folks with funky unsupported MAP sensors or just poorly calibrated ones. You just define the two ends of the sensor range and you're good to go.

One advantage to defining your own sensor is that you can use the magical "Zero Boost" button to correct for DC offsets in the MAP sensor or to correct for non-sea level elevations. The guys in Denver will like this. All-in-all, this feature finally lets you tweak your MAP sensor readings so it'll match your boost gauge - a long standing (and I mean LONG standing) complaint.

Also as a side-effect of this feature, configuration for the MAP sensor as well as the analog inputs has moved from the "ECU+ Win Settings" to the "Head Unit Settings" collection. This is significant in that .ecd files you get from other people will now "remember" the MAP sensor, EGT and wideband configurations from the other person, and readings will now be correct with no tweaking. (Previously, you had to setup ECU+ Win to match the wideband settings of the guy who gave you the .ecd file.)

BTW, one more feature to go (and a fix or two) before version 2.10 of the software/firmware is "feature complete." At that point, folks can start testing all of the new doodads I've implemented over the last year or so.

Define your own MAP sensor.
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Postby iluvecuplus » Mon May 21, 2007 2:03 pm

Damn...just bought the 3.5bar version :lol:
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