New feature: better overlay control

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New feature: better overlay control

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The ECU+ software includes the ability to add multiple "overlays" on top of an existing .ecd - essentially allowing you to show multiple similar captures and see how they compare. This feature, especially when used with the dyno analysis, is really cool. What sucked was that you were really limited in how you used overlays - overlays could only be added at the end of the list, you couldn't rearrange, add others in the middle of the list, or delete any except the last one. Since I personally use overlaid plots all of the time, I decided to fix this.

See attached for the new Manage Overlays dialog, where you can now control overlays a lot easier. It also includes a slider for aligning the overlays, which is way easier than the previous scroll keys. I believe this completely eliminates all of the suckitude of the previous implementation.

Overlay manager dialog.
Overlay manager dialog.
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Re: New feature: better overlay control

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wow, nice!
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