Features and Capabilities

The ECU+ is an advanced piggyback engine management system for the 1990-1999 turbo Eclipse, Talon, Laser, or Galant VR-4, or 2003-2006 Lancer EVO VIII/IX that gives you complete control over engine fuel flow and timing.

The ECU+ includes a crazy (and growing!) number of features, including:

(Note that some of the ECU+'s new hardware features aren't being used by the software. The ECU+ is a community-driven development - please suggest (on the forums) what future software capabilities you'd like to see in the ECU+ to take advantage of this hardware.)

Out of the box, the ECU+ system includes:

What you get

The ECU+ includes an awful lot of functionality. To learn more about some of the features of the ECU+, just select a link on the left.