Feature Comparison

An informed consumer is a smart consumer.

When you're about to spend a few hundred bucks (that's real money!) on an engine management system, you should compare the available products and choose the best one at the best price. Obviously, we think the ECU+ is the best, but in the end you'll need to decide for yourself. To help with the process, we've provided a comparison table below. Simply print this page out and fill in the boxes for the other systems you're interested in. When you're all done, if the ECU+ is the big winnah, come on back and buy one.

ECU+ System 'A' System 'B' System 'C'
Supported Cars 1G DSMs, 2G DSMs, GVR4, EVO8, EVO9
Plug N Play Optional on 2G DSMs and EVOs (+$100)
Fuel Maps Yes
Fuel Map Resolution 250 RPM x 4 loads, 1% resolution
Timing Maps Yes
Timing Map Resolution 250 RPM x 4 loads, 1 degree resolution
Multiple Stored Maps 2 sets on-board, infinite loadable from laptop
Map Switching Yes - based on RPM, vehicle speed, boost, external switch w/AND or OR logic
Launch Control Rev Limit Yes - includes anti-lag and fuel or timing cut
No-Lift-to-Shift Rev Limit Yes
MAS Translation Yes, GM 3" and 3.5" supported
Cam Sensor Swap Yes - any to any other
Clutch Switch Input Yes
External Switch Input Yes
Analog Inputs 5 (3 currently active), datalogged 25x/second
Analog Outputs 4
Uncommitted Digital Inputs 1, future expansion
Uncommitted Digital Outputs 2, future expansion
Uncommitted Solenoid Drivers 4 (3 for 1G DSMs), future expansion
Rear O2 Simulator Yes
Front O2 Simulator Yes, generated from wideband input
Datalogging Both native and MUT-II
Native Datalogging Values RPM
Input and output MAS airflow Hz
Ignition timing
Coolant temperature
Intake air temperature
Front O2 sensor voltage
Read O2 sensor voltage
Vehicle speed
Throttle position voltage
Injector pulse width
Injector duty cycle
Knock sensor voltage
MAS adjustment
Timing adjustment
Calculated load
Native Datalogging Rate 25x/second, all native signals in parallel
MUT-II Datalogging Values Accel enrichment
Fuel trim low
Fuel trim middle
Fuel trim high
Injector pulse width
O2 feedback trim
Front O2 sensor voltage
Throttle position percentage
Air flow Hz
Air volume
Barometric pressure
ISC steps
Knock sum
Ignition timing
Battery voltage
EGR temperature
AFRMAP (EVOs only)
2 byte load (EVOs only)
Octane (EVOs only)
Wastegate duty cycle(EVOs only)
MUT-II Datalogging Rate Up to 25x/sec (limited by stock ECU rate), up to 8 can be logged in parallel
Knock Logging Both conditioned knock sensor voltage and knock sum
Air-Fuel Ratio Logging Yes with supported wideband kit (14 kits from 6 manufacturers supported)
Boost Logging Yes with MAP sensor (5 popular sensors supported, custom calibration also available)
EGT Logging Yes with 5v EGT adapter
Knock Back-Off Yes
Stock ECU ROM Editing EVO8 and EVO9
Stock ECU Map Tracing EVO8 and EVO9, includes 2 byte load and AFRMAP-based load tracing
Windows Software Yes, world class
Excel CSV Datalog Export Yes
Independent Window Display Yes
Overlayable Plots Up to 8
Jump Cursor to WOT Yes - 1 keystroke
Trim Log Files Yes
Auto-File Naming Yes
Supports SI Units Yes
All-in-One Window Display Yes
Street Dyno Yes, with track-back cursor, up to 6 overlaid plots, also shows AFR
Drag Race Analysis Yes
Palm Software Coming (back) soon
OBD-II Code Reader 2G DSMs and EVOs, also clears codes
OBD-II Scan Tool 2G DSMs and EVOs, includes real-time monitor
MUT-II Scan Tool Yes, all cars, includes real-time monitor
Architecture DSP-based, multi-CPU
Free Software Upgrades Of course
Support Forums, e-mail, generally < 24 hour response
Documentation 112 page manual on CD-ROM, PDF format
Hardware Box, wiring harness, CD-ROM, serial cable + null modem adapter
Price $449 (DSM/EVO8 w/flying leads)
$549 (DSM/EVO8 PnP)
$649 (EVO9 PnP)